Welcome Message

Welcome to the Homepage of Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Research (KALAS)!

Since 1985 when KALAS was founded in May 1st.theAssociation has been continuously grown and developed thanks to the tremendous endeavor by all the former presidents and the general members of the Association under the pressure and the harsh environment of the laboratory animal research world in Korea.

KALAS has been endowing a great contribution to the national scientific development in the fields of health and medicine by conducting biannual international meetings, publishing academic journal (Laboratory Animal Research), certifying the Laboratory Animal Technicians (KLAT) level 1 and 2, exchanging the information of laboratory animals, animal experiments, and educational programs. As a member of Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, (KOFST), KALAS has been interacting with many other scientific areas in the nation, such as societies of veterinarian medicine, medicine, pharmacology, zootechny, etc, and also, internationally, CLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animal Science), AAALAC (Association for Assessment an Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), FELASA (Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Associations), AFLAS (Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science), American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (ALAS), and Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Science (JALAS) have been actively communicating with us.

The KALAS has been playing an important role as a bridge between the past and the future, between the in vitro and humans in virtually all fields of biomedical sciences, providing a beautiful interacting community of scientists, industrialists, government officials, and laboratory animal technicians.

As a president of the 18th cabinet, I will do my best to complete the following homework: our journal Laboratory Animal Research (LAR) must be enlisted in SCI(E), which is already actively on going, but still several hurdles to be solved. I will fully support the Editorial Board. I will retry hard to register the certificate of laboratory animal technician in the official government list in order to improve their position for the development of laboratory animal research in Korea.

Without the support of those companies who have contributed to KALAS, it would not have been stably prevailing. I sincerely appreciate them for their strong and continuous help, and it will make all communication and relationships better interconnected.

Though there are still many other homework to be done in front of us, I believe all and each of our members are ready to help each other to build the strong and prosperous future of KALAS. I sincerely appreciate all the members of KALAS who are eagerly participating in our society with my promise to do all my best to for the establishment of the society.

Thank you.

Han-Woong Lee, Ph.D.
The Korean Association of Laboratory Animal Science