President’s Welcome Message

Dear KALAS members,

With immense honor and a sense of deep responsibility, I accept the position of the 7th President of Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science (KALAS). I am truly thankful for the trust and backing of such a distinguished community since our establishment in May 1985. Our collective journey has positioned KALAS at the forefront of bioscience and medical innovation in Korea, a trajectory made possible by the unwavering efforts of our past leaders and dedicated members. My heartfelt thanks go to the preceding leadership, particularly to Chairman Prof. KilSoo Kim, for their exceptional governance during challenging periods.

As I undertake the responsibilities of this prestigious role, my focus will be on enriching the diversity and specialization of our scholarly gatherings, securing SCI(E) classification for our journal 'Laboratory Animal Research (LAR),’ and building on the triumphs of the recent AFLAS Congress.

Boasting an active membership of 5,831 out of a total of 13,372 professionals, we at KALAS reaffirm our commitment to act as a central forum in the realms of bioethics, non-clinical testing, and the overarching health concept. We aim to reinforce our role as the cornerstone for laboratory animal science in Korea, enhancing synergy and discourse among our peers.

In an age marked by complex ethical dilemmas, KALAS is poised to fine-tune a versatile response system to contribute to formulating ethical policies and resolving social issues. With laboratory animals now a key part of our national strategic biological assets, we will create support structures for sharing interdisciplinary research insights. Proactively, we will address a spectrum of challenges, from regulatory compliance and biosafety fortification to establishing our bio-infrastructural identity and broadening ethical standards in animal experimentation.

The tapestry of our association is rich, with members from research, education, laboratory animal care, industry, and government. Recognizing the importance of inclusive and engaging platforms, KALAS will organize events conducive to sharing scholarly, cultural, and industrial knowledge. Committed to delivering extensive laboratory animal insights, we will bolster activities across various sectors and roles. Moreover, we will intensify our certification programs, a longstanding effort since 1999, to elevate the professional stature of laboratory animal technicians in partnership with their representative council.

Determined to foster a collaborative environment where experts can thrive, we aspire to drive Korea to a position of global leadership in laboratory animal science. I am eager to build upon the legacy of my predecessors and humbly request your continued support and counsel.

I express my profound gratitude for the privilege of contributing to the future and prosperity of KALAS.

Warm regards,

Je Kyung Seong, D.V.M., Ph.D., DKCLAM
The Korean Association for Laboratory Science (KALAS)