Dear KALAS members,


Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science (KALAS) has been established on May 1 in 1985 and grown continuously and greatly for thirty-three years owing to the endeavor of the former President, officers and members despite of the harsh domestic environment for laboratory animals research. I am very grateful for those who put remarkable effort for the growth of KALAS.


Recently, the use of laboratory animals have been expanded to studies on genetically modified animals, medium-to-large sized animals and primates along with the development of medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and biological sciences. In addition, animal experiments should be well designed according to 3R demand and IACUC should be tightly operated according to Animal Protection Lawand the Regulations on Laboratory Animals.


To adapt to the environment and to be recognized as a professional association nationally as well as internationally, I will do my best for promoting KALAS.


First of all, I will try the Laboratory Animal Research (LAR) journal published by KALAS to be listed on SCI(E). The LAR has already listed on the International Journal of specialized academic website, PubMed Central, with the effort of the former editorial boards and executives. I will continue to try and support for listing of the LAR on SCI(E).


Secondly, I will hold interesting and useful conferences for KALAS members, researchers and students to participate annually twice in summer and winter. For the globalization and the advancement of the conference, I will try to invite world-wide speakers for special lectures on a special issue as well as to fulfil professional instruction for Laboratory Animal Technician.


Thirdly, I will strive hard that the Laboratory Animal Technician certification awarded by KALAS should be approved nationally for the improvement of the laboratory animal institute’s position. For the laboratory animal technicians, I will continually support the consultation with the government agency to provide the nationally official certificate, fulfill the education requirements and support for the betterment of professionalism.


I sincerely give thanks to all the members, for the privilege you have bestowed upon me as your president of the Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science, and kindly ask for continuous support to improve KALAS.


Thank you.


Beom Jun Lee, D.V.M., Ph.D


The Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science (KALAS)



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